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Hartford Remington Double Derringer Kit


Item No. PFCGWK3

HWS Colt .45 Civilian, Artillery and Cavalry Kits

HWS Colt .45 SAA Cavalry Kits
These build it yourself Hartford manufactured models are a great way to discover the workings of a real Colt SAA, they assemble just as the original firearms, accurate parts list, and you get the satisfaction of knowing you built it!! Single action 6 shot, .45 SAA. All brand new they come boxed, complete with 6 reusable cartridges (uses 7mm caps). These are front venting models with very good barrel effects when fired. All barrel lengths available 4 3/4, 5 1/2 and 7 1/2 inches, They are made from HW ABS material, Good weight and feel ~950g loaded. Also available as built models (+£15).

PRICE Civ £ 160.00 Art £ 165.00 Cav £175.00
Item No. PFCGWK2 (please state which barrel length required)

Awiating new STOCK arriving soon !!

ModelGun Kits

The Kits are hard to find, but we are working at finding more, keep checking back!.


George S Patton, jr Commemorative Colt .45 SAA, Built Kit

Marushin Engraved Replica of GSP's own gun, a really nice commemorative Colt SAA Metal Kit The engraving is amazing with details everywhere,  nice markings all over. Stunning quality, detailed accuracy and attention to the smallest details, shape, size, fit and feel of the components of the original Colt 1873 saa. This is a full metal Built kit, so can be striped down FULLY, not often available ! It is a non firing display piece, second hand but boxed with all you see in the pictures.  Not many of these around ;)


Item No. PFCGWK1

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HWS Colt .45 SAA Custom Parts

Please click on the above picture to see full details, prices and pictures of Custom Parts Available for the HWS SAA Models ! Includes grips, open cylinders, custom cartridges! Also shows model fitted with the parts.

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