The Violent Crime Reduction Act and Plug Fire Cap Guns

Applies to UK sales Only, overseas sales are unaffected

Plug Fire Guns

Plug fire cap guns are classified as Realistic Imitation Firearms and as such are covered by the 2007 VCRA, (with the exception of pre 1870 design models, see pre 1870 section below).

These items are functioning replica model guns for use in films and by re-enactment / skirmish groups with the appropriate liability insurance only. They do not fire any projectile nor can they be converted to do so, they are in fact designed to comply with the strict Japanese laws which prevent ownership of firearms. Plug fire cap guns are 100% legal to own in the UK given correct entitlement under the VCRA.


The defence for their sale / purchase is:

Section 37 of the VCRA provides various defences to the new offence. It makes it a defence to show that the manufacture, importation, sale or modification was only for the purpose of making the realistic imitation firearm available for:

*     A museum or gallery.
*     Theatrical performances and rehearsals of such performances.
*     The production of films and television programmes.
*     The organisation and holding of historical re-enactments.
*     Airsoft Site members, UKARA.
*     Crown servants. (purchases for the Crown, by the Crown only)

    Plug Fire Gun Accessories

    Accessories for Plug Fire Cap Guns are not covered by the VCRA and as such may be bought by anyone over the age of 18.

    Pre 1870 Design Plug Fire Guns

    Plug fire cap guns of a type pre-dating 1870 are not covered by the VCRA and as such may be bought by anyone over the age of 18.

    This is particularly useful for western re-enactors, please use the general enquiries form to tell us your requirements, we can source a number of pre 1870 designs, again please use enquiries form to request more details.

    PlugFireCapGunsUK Ltd  is 100% in support of the VCRA and as such abides strictly to it.

    If there are any questions please contact us on the "general enquiries" contact page for clarification.