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CAW U.S. M79 Grenade Launcher "Blooper" with 40mm Cart and Sling

Full Metal/Wood Grenade Launcher, Excellent CAW Craftsmanship, aluminum metal body, wood stock and fore-grip, metal adjustable rear sight. Uses standard 40mm moscarts (any make) comes complete with a new G&P GP522A airsoft shower grenade AND heavy duty sling. Break open, insert the gas charged 40mm cartridge inside, close and fire ! Second hand but mint condition, box a bit tatty. Perfect for re-enactors or skirmishers (great for room clearance!). Other Types of 40mm grenades available paintball / powder , sold separately)
PRICE £250.00 ** SOLD**
Item No. PFCGL01

New And Pre-Owned Grenade & Rocket Launchers

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Airsoft 40mm Gas Grenade Launching RPG-7 with x2 40mm Grenades !!

Build your own Full Metal RPG-7 :) Brand new, these come boxed, with instructions and one 84rd gas grenade from the factory, (not the best grenade but works), AND we have added a 4 in 1 ASG grenade capable of firing nearly anything you put in it :), BB's, paintballs, Nerf rockets, Powder (great effect!) etc. It comes in kit form, and it takes just a few minutes to put together. Features working safety, cast aluminum barrel / body, steel sights, a real dimension scope rail, so you can mount any Russian standard scope. The only plastic is the imitation plastic wood heat-shield and fake Bakelite color grips, comes complete with dummy ABS rocket for display. Great for Film / TV / Skirmishing and re-enactments !

PRICE £245.00 ** SOLD OUT**

Item No. PFCGL02