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We will be adding items here all the time. Old working and broken stock that we just do not have the space for or time to fix, there will be real bargains so keep an eye on this page !!!!


Updated 4th Jan 2017

Items on this page do sell fast ;) THERE WILL BE MORE, LOTS MORE Coming over the next few days/weeks!

Ideal as wall hangers or for spares / props. We need the space! so are offering the following at cheap prices!!

 please check regularly so as not to miss any deals.

NOTE*** Complete models DO require VCRA defence, parts and accessories DO NOT

NOTE*** please quote what item/s here you are interested in when contacting us.

Terms for the sale of items on this page.

All items on this page are sold as seen with no warrenty. They are used / second hand, some have faults and are described as such. They are ideal for spares, or wallhangers. They are also cheap as we need to clear the space as new stock arrives !! Modelgun spares are scarce so an I deal opportunity to grab some !

Metal MGC Colt Police Positive

One of the very old metal MGC types with dummy bullets, just a nice simple replica, Non cap firing, not the best firing action but all works. Great for display or a static non firing stage gun, hard to find replicas representing this point in history (1907-1947)
PRICE £ 95.00

Full Metal Smith and Wesson .44 Magnum, PFC Firing

A Rare replica. Kokusai Full Metal S&W .44 magnum, fully open cylinders,(looks real from frount ! AND PFC firing ! This model is a single/double action 6 shot,Very hard to find now, it is one of the most realistic model we have come across It comes complete with 6 modern centerfire reusable cartridges (uses 7mm caps) and 6 full length dummy sprung carts. These old Kokusais are a bit "moody" the odd miss fire on double action..LOL :) but its at a bargain price!!

PRICE £ 100.00 **SOLD**

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Metal MGC Smith and Wesson Combat Magnum

One of the very old metal MGC types with dummy bullets, just a nice simple replica, Non cap firing, firing action good indexes and dry fires well. Great for display or a static non firing stage gun, Great cosmetic condition!
PRICE £ 95.00



Full Metal  .44 Automag 180

A Rare replica. Kokusai AutoMag .44 AMP Model 180. This model was intended to fire the old large paper caps, it can be converted to fire the new plastic caps, but we just do ot have the time! so are selling as a non cap firing version, it comes with 5 cartridges that can be cycled manually (cocks and dry fires, manual ejection by racking slide). Comes boxed with 5 dummy cartridges, used condition, serviced. Load the mag, rack the slide, dry fire! rack the slide to eject the cart! A rare gun at this price !!

PRICE £ 100.00 **SOLD**

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Metal Denix Mauser

Old denix metal Mauser, just a nice simple replica, Non cap firing, can be cocked and dry fired, missing safty catch and internal magazine spring / guide.  Great for display or a static non firing stage gun

PRICE £ 35.00 **SOLD**

Metal Nakata Luger

A Very rare modelgun, no time to locate/fix it so off it goes for a bargain price !, missing take down catch and side plate, grip screws, selling for parts or cheap throw down gun.. or if you get another bust one, use the parts to make a £200 gun :)

PRICE £ 40.00