7mm "RealFlame" PFCaps

The Realflame 7mm caps provide a good blowback and also produce sparks/pyro effects, great for short barrelled models and revolvers.

PRICE £10.00 per box of 100

7mm:- Item No. PFCRF7

MG 7mm & 5mm PFCaps

MGC 7mm and 5mm caps provide a powerful blowback/smoke, great for semi / full autos and all rifles.

PRICE £10.00 per box of 100

7mm:- Item No. PFCMG7

5mm:- Item No. PFCMG5


Spare parts / accessories can be obtained for most models please let us know your requirements. Please use the general enquiries form to tell us your requirement.


Spare cartridges

We keep in stock spare cartridges (where available) for models for sale on this site. Most other types of cartridges can be ordered on request.

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