Plug Cap Firing & Blank Firing Model Guns For Re-enactors, Collections, Film, TV and Theatre Productions.

Who Are PlugFireCapGunsUK Ltd. ?

In October 2009 we formed PlugFireCapGunsUK Ltd. to fill a hole that had developed in the market since the Violent Crime Reduction Act (VCRA) was introduced.    Since the VCRA the number of suppliers of, and choice of quality replica firearms had decreased and with the price of deactivated firearms soaring we felt an alternative was needed.

Our aim is to provide a legal, wider choice of realistic replica / film prop firearms than available anywhere else ! .........Simple !

One of our main lines are plug cap firing models......

What Are Plug Fire Cap Guns?

Plug fire cap guns were designed to comply with strict Japanese gun laws introduced in the late 1960's. The full metal models are made from zinc/alloy metal and more modern models are made from special heavyweight plastic resins. They are specifically designed to be totally unable to be converted into real firearms. With the 2007 VCRA now in place PFC replicas perfectly fill the gap between airsoft and de-acts, and are ideal for re-enactors, collections, film, TV and theatre productions. De-acts prices have increased dramatically in recent years, and those "old" de-acts that can be stripped are now commanding exceptional prices!
Plug fire cap guns provide an alternative cost effective way of owning a safe but very realistic model of your favourite firearm with the added benefit that they do a lot more!

How Do Plug Fire Cap Guns Work?

Plug fire cap guns (aka model guns) use a small cap and clever cartridge mechanism to produce a very realistic simulation of a real firearm including noise, front venting smoke and flash / sparks and action cycling, blowback and cartridge ejection, effect dependant on barrel length. They come in all the standard firearm forms, single and double action revolvers, semi-automatic and fully automatic pistols and rifles. PFC models operate and are strip-able exactly as the real items without actually firing a projectile. Each model takes the appropriate calibre cartridges adding to the realism.

Plug Fire Cap Gun Construction Materials

Plug fire cap guns are made from alloys to remove any possibility of conversion to real firearms.

Plastic Resin Models are made from several different resin materials, the HW models contain metal particals mixed in to increase the weight and improve the finish, some mixes are listed below:-

  • ABS resin
  • HW (Heavy Weight resin), Manufactures have developed their own proprietary forms.
  • SRHW (Super Real Heavy Weight resin)
  • HWIF (Heavy Weight Iron Finish)

Full Metal Models are closer in weight and feel to their original counterparts and are usually constructed in two forms depending on construction date:-

  • Zinc Alloy (Zamak). Widely used in all sorts of die cast applications / models.
  • Aluminium Alloys (rarer but more durable than Zamak).

Plug Fire Cap Gun Use And Maintanance

Plug fire cap guns and cartridges do require maintenance, just as their counterparts do! They are not toys, they are precision models and as such need to be set-up and maintained correctly. If used as display pieces they will last forever with just a light oil, however if used regularly they need to be maintained well. For instance, the reusable cartridges must be washed after use in soap and water to remove corrosive residues left over from firing caps as do certain parts of the model itself, detonator pin, barrel etc. Given the correct care they will last for many years, as proven by the fact that many models are now over 30 years old and still going strong! These models need regular care!

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Updated 19th July 2017

ADDED TODAY : Various Armi Sam Marco Western 9mm blank firers .see today's here :
ASM Western Blank Firers
The UK's No1 Replica Gun Sales Site !! Largest Stock, best service. Full member of the UK Gun Trade Association

Updated 18th July 2017

ADDED TODAY : New to the UK ! Kimar UK specification CZ75 Semi auto 8mm blank firing pistols, in stock now! see today's here :
Kimar CZ75 8mm Blank Firers

Updated 13th July 2017

ADDED TODAY : Various models including Lots more Western .22 and 9mm blank firers ..see today's here :
Western Blank Firers


Updated 12th June 2017

ADDED TODAY : Lots of Western blank firers ..see today's here :
Western Blank Firers

Updated 22nd March 2017

ADDED TODAY : Franklin Mint Bat Masterson and General Custer's models, MGC Winchester PFC firing, MGC Navy.  More coming ..see today's here :
Western Franklin Mint Models
MGC Firing 1873 Winchesters
"Black powder" MGC Navy Models

Updated 20th March 2017

ADDED TODAY : Western Blank firers, and PFC firing !  More coming ...see todays here :
Western blank firers

Updated 23rd Jan 2017

ADDED TODAY : New Western Guns -----Blank firers, Airsoft and PFC firing !  More coming tomorrow!...see todays here :
Western Airsoft
Western blank firers
Western PFC Firing

Updated 13th December 2016

ADDED TODAY : New PFC Models --SIG P226, S&W Victory Models, S&W M19 2.5 inch and others across the site!...see them here :
S&W Revolvers

Updated 6th December 2016

ADDED TODAY : Some MORE nice western Blank firers...see them here :
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Updated 28th November 2016

Over the next few days we will be adding : Some nice western Blank firers...see them here :
Western Blank Firers link

Updated 8th November 2016

Today we have added : Marushin Metal Uzi 9mm complete with both WOOD and STEEL FOLDING Stocks...see it here :
UZI 9mm link

Updated 19th October 2016

Today we have added : CAW's New............... Charter Arms Bulldog .44 Special !!
see it here :
Charter Arms Bulldog link

Updated 14th October 2016

Today we have added : Tanaka's New Beretta M9  Semi auto 9mm..NEW EVOLUTION VERSIONS   see them here :

Updated 10th October 2016

Today we have added :
Another large batch of blank firing WESTERN GUNS
MORE WESTERN BLANK FIRERS !! ! including a nice .22 long RECK WINCHESTER! see them here :
Western Blank Firers Link

Updated 6th October 2016

Today we have added :
Another amazing 16 inch Schmidt Colt "Buntline Special" with Revolver Carbine Stock !! see it here :
Western Blank Firers Link

Updated 20th September 2016

Today we have added : TWO SMG's................ S&W M76 and M3A1 Greasegun see them here :
Sub Machine Guns

Updated 19th September 2016

Today we have added : Tanaka H&K USP's and Glock 18's Full / Semi auto..NEW EVOLUTION VERSIONS   see them here :

Updated 14th September 2016

Today we have added : The most wonderful new model from CAW ...Colt Model1848 Baby Dragoon !!   see them here :
CAW Colt Model 1848 Pocket Baby Dragoon

Updated 12th September 2016

Today we have added : MORE WESTERN BLANK FIRERS !!  including a One off Blank and PFC firing Uberti SAA !! A rare thing indeed.. see them here :
Western Blank Firers Link
Also a very rare MGC 12 inch Buntline with Skelenton Stock !!
see it here:
PFC Western Guns link

Updated 19th August 2016

Back from summer Hols!! Today we have added :
WESTERN BLANK FIRERS ! Jagers, Adlers, Interword Arms, Piettas, Schmidts, Kimars the list goes on!
Think its safe to say we have the UK's Largest Stock of western used blank firers!!

Site Updated 12th July 2016


Update 4th July 2016

Today: MORE Winchesters Added, keep coming back so you dont miss them !!

Update 1st July 2016

Today: Lots of guns being added to the " CLEARANCE SALE ITEMS" page. A LOT of bargains, at least 5 a day for the next five days! Plus other new models across the site this/next week, keep coming back so you dont miss them !!

Update 28th June 2016

Today:  COLT1911 Commander,....   S&W M36 Deluxe
Adler Colt SAA .22 engraved,..  Hudson .41rf Derringer, Small Frame Schmidt.22,....    x2 MGC lugers
Colt 1911 Government..... See of them here:

COLT 1911's

Update 9th June 2016

Today:  LOTS MORE Winchesters !!  See of them here:
Also A very nice CMC M1/2 Carbine with extras for the lowest price we have ever seen these at !! See it here : Assault Riflese

Update 6th June 2016

Today:  A few new Winchesters and Modern revolver PFC firing models See of them here:
Winchesters, : 
S&W Revolvers,

Update 2nd June 2016

Today:  A few new Colt SAA blank firing models
See of them here:
Blank firing SAA's,

Update 9th May 2016

Today:  A few new Colt SAA models from HWS, and a Colt SAA custom finish from PFCGUK !
Some of them here:
New HWS PFC Saa's,

Update 4th May 2016

This week:  Models added across the site !
Some of them here: Western Blank firers,
Winchesters, Shotguns and more.


Update 18th March 2016

This week:  Lots of models added across the site ! Too busy to list them all here, but to mention just some:  MGC 1911's. Western Blank firers, Lugers, S&W revolvers, Stenguns, Winchesters and more. Grab a coffee sit back and take a good look around the site :)

Update 2nd Feb 2016

Today:  More Western SAA models added here :
PFC Full metal Colt SAA's FV and Open Cylinders !!
Western blank firers


Update 16th Dec 2015

Today:  Western SAA models added here :
Marushin Colt SAA's FV and Open Cylinders !! RARE


Update 10th Dec 2015

Today:  Western "black powder" models added here :
Remington 1858 Armys and Navys PFC firers
Remington and Colt blank firers


Update 25th Nov 2015

Today:  More Assault Rifles added here :
Assault Rifle Link: M4's M16, Xm177s....


Update 23rd Nov 2015

WESTERN FANS!! Lots Of New Winchesters In Stock, 1866, 1873's, and 1892's !!

Today:  Winchesters added here :
Winchesters BEST PRICES EVER 100%
NEW Tanio Koba and CAW Colt .45 Government 1911's